Telemedicine meets Home Health

When I originally began this company, I wanted to find a way to bring ultrasound to people of the community. I was tired of seeing long wait times, back logged and over worked sonographers, over exposoure to radiation and frightened, frustrated patients. This idea manifested into  patnerships with teleradiology and telecardiology groups that I contracted with to view and interpret my studies. From this. A+ Mobile Ultrasound Services was born partly as an independent imaging center, but also a telemedicine facility in that physicians do not have to be present to interpret the exam. With the the high resloution of portable machines and the quality of still images and cineloop video clips, I can securely transmit all the data from my machine to a cloud based reading station where radiologists and cardiologists vew and interpret results. This system has proven to work beautifully with turn around times as short as 20 minutes. Although this system works well, it has many logistic issues around scheduling that prove challenging. For this reason we are persuing a home health license through the Washington State Department of Health. We would become the first Home Health Agency for diagnsotic medical imaging in the state and will be able to schedule exams at a time that makes sense for the patient. This will free up referring physicians' time and exam rooms. We look forward to this transition of telemedicine and home health merger and will update with progress.