We come to the provider's office and perform ultrasound using portable equipment and cloud-based PACS and EMR software. We conduct professional ultrasound exams in ordinary exam rooms in the clinic. The ordering provider can watch the exam for dynamic instruction, such as arm raises to recreate shoulder pain; or is completely freed up to continue seeing other patients. We provide a preliminary report upon completion of the exam and deliver an official, dictated report in within 24 hours from a board certified Radiologist or Vascular Surgeon.

Patients become more involved in their care and save time and money by not having to schedule an exam with a separate facility, wait for an opening, wait in a congested waiting room when the radiologists run behind, or wait up to two weeks for results.  We eliminate all of this by performing the exam in the ordering provider's office and providing immediate results.

Providers will have better control over their patients and extremely fast results. Ask us about how this can provide your practice with a new and renewable revenue stream. All you have to do is supply the room and the patients.



Why should I add ultrasound to my practice?

By adding ultrasound to you practice and offering it to your patients, you are saving your patients alot of time and money. They no longer have to schedule an exam at the hospital or wait in the lobby while the technologists run behind.  You also maintain more control over your patients' care. You will have the opportunity to observe the exam as it is performed and instruct the patient to perform specific movements to pinpoint abnormalities. You will also recieve immediate preliminary results with official results within 24 hours. We can also add a continuous revenue stream to your practice by having you bill insurance for the procedures.


Is there any cost to me?

No. There is no cost to the provider. We perform all exams using our portable equipment and bill insurance directly for compensation. - OR - We have solutions that allow you to bill for the services performed in your office.


Is there any risk involved?

No. All of our business models operate within all federal regulations according to Stark Law and the Antikickback Statute. We work closely with health care attorneys to maintain strict compliance.  We carry our own malpractice insurance policy for administering exams as do all of our physicians who interpret our studies.


Do I have to purchase any equipment?

No. We bring portable ultrasound and doppler equipment to perform all the exams. We use our own cloud-based PACS and EMR systems to store images and generate reports. You will receive web access to view the images and reports of the exams you have ordered.


Can I interpret my own exams?

Yes. All M.D. and D.O.'s can interpret ultrasound. If you feel comfortable, you can interpret your own studies once we complete them. We will still provide a preliminary report. You can bill for the professional component of the ultrasound exam code. If you'd prefer, we will send the exam to a board certified specialist for official interpretation.


Ultrasound versus MRI or CT?

Ultrasound uses no ionizing radiation or nephrotoxic contrast and is a fraction of the cost of both MRI and CT. Ultrasound is also portable, meaning no large, stationary, claustrophic tubes. We bring the ultrasound machine to you. See our Literature page for published comparisons.


Will I have access to images and reports?

Yes. Images can be available immediately following the exam on CD and reports will be automatically faxed or securely upon completion of the interpretation. Our cloud-based PACS secure Physician Portal is also available for those who wish to view the images and reports online. Click on the ULTRALINQ logo at the bottom of the page for access.